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In Savemom, we partner with the hospitals, NGOs and government institutions to bring in a digital healthcare ecosystem to make pregnancy a joyful experience.

The day of birth can be a dangerous time for mothers and babies. Based on the Statistical data, Everyday around the world, 800 women and 21000 children die due to preventable complications due to unavailability of doctors, nearby healthcare centers and poor knowledge among rural women. But we want to change this.

The key component of our MISSION is "Personal healthcare kit for pregnant ladies and healing facilities" to maintain a strategic distance from the passing rate of pregnant women. And furthermore to decrease the proportion of the maternal ladies death.

Our Goal
Best Pregnancy Experience

Savemom gives you a healthy and joyful pregnancy experience before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth.

No more Malnutrition

Nutrition elements can be provided by Savemom team partnering with NGO's. So, no Malnutrition anymore.

Reduce Maternal Mortality

By providing personalized healthcare for pregnant ladies maternal mortality rate will be decreased.

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